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Cultural Competency


ultural competence is the ability to work effectively with people from different ethnic, cultural, political, economic, and religious backgrounds. Desert Rose Counseling Group is committed to cultural competency and aims to improve the access and quality of care received by our diverse group of members. Desert Rose Counseling Group trains staff and providers so they are able to provide services with sensitivity, understanding, and respect for the member's culture. Desert Rose Counseling Group LLC is committed to a culturally competent program and aims to establish services that reflect:

Staff ability to appropriately assess risks factors, and provide interventions in suicide & crisis events.
Staff knowledgeable in the primary languages and cultural backgrounds represented by members.
Sensitivity of staff members toward the cultural differences of members.
Programs that respect and reflect community values and are created by the participation of community groups.

Involvement of members in decision-making of policies and procedures.
Eliminating, wherever possible, cultural, economic, and social barriers that limit access to our services.
Developing, implementing, and monitoring adherence to culturally responsible policies, procedures, and practices.
Reaching out, in a culturally sensitive manner, to the communities we serve.


Integration across levels and systems of care aim to improve:

In order to achieve these aims, desert rose counseling group llc & integrated telehealth solutions ® are focused on accelerating integration within the specialty behavioral health system at the same time we work to support the evolution of bh capacity and capability into the physical health system, using telehealth software and tailored programming; which provides real time access points of care across the medical system.
We see this work as consistent with the aims of national and state level health care reform as well as mental health parity. Supporting system transformation of both care delivery systems and payment models is necessary to support integration, as well as drive overall improvements in clinical quality and efficiency. To this end, desert rose counseling group is directly involved in supporting the implementation of alternative payment programs; including proposal for reallocation of monies, identifying paid county and state programs, and diversion dollars. We are committed as well to developing additional strategies that encourage and support transformation at the practice and system levels. In particular, we are exploring all the means we have to address limitations of the current payment system while simultaneously exploring alternatives to it.

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