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Our Core Values

We are committed to a comprehensive, flexible, and integrated system of care management that increases access, improves quality of care, expands services, and achieves the best possible out comes for members where recovery principles are fully integrated.
We believe in frequent and open communication to provide appropriate, consistent, and accurate information about business decisions and day-to-day operations. we foster effective communication through active listening, sharing ideas, cooperative problem-solving, tact, and courtesy.
We are united by our commitment to our members, healthcare network and to each other. we demonstrate respect to all of those we serve-treating them fairly, with dignity, listening to their ideas and feedback, and valuing their contributions.
We strive to always exceed the expectations of our internal and external network- including customers and patients. Interaction and communication with our network is always professional, courteous, and responsive and is conducted in a manner which underscores our commitment to world-class service.
Every one of us contributes to the success of the desert rose integrated healthcare system. We are committed to providing a work environment that fosters learning and development, recognition for best work, work-life balance, and effective leadership.
We all participate in creating a supportive environment where each of us feels a sense of belonging and where inclusion is encouraged. In this environment, we can grow, celebrate one another's successes and embrace and channel diversity of personal experience, talent and opinion with a collective focus towards achieving our mission.
We value the exchange of new and diverse ideas. We are creative and embrace initiative and thoughtful risk-taking in continuously improving our services and sustaining an enduring leadership position in the marketplace.
We conduct ourselves in an honest and ethical manner, striving for the highest ethical standards in all that we do. We approach our work with a dedication to quality, meeting and exceeding customer expectations, being accountable, and delivering on every promise.
We take pride in the highest level of quality and discipline in our work with a sense of urgency and a focus on results. We are centered on improving performance, building strong leaders, and enhancing organizational effectiveness.
We focus on common goals through collaboration, teamwork, and consensus-building and are committed to building strong, long-term relationships. We all have a mutual stake in our success.

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Contact Info

DRCG contact infor4344 Cheyenne Avenue
North Las vegas, NV 89032
Main: (702) 843-6500
Fax: (702) 543-5109
Non-Emergent: (702) 430-0745